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So she’s a little piece of a bunch of weirdos that I’ve seen, and then, of course, I just put my own spin on her as well. So that was more work, you had to put coloring on your teeth. Now I just brush my teeth, you know, really good, and show up. You know, people that have been watching me from the beginning, whether it’s my music or . ” One time it was this handcrafted scrapbook with, like, yarn—it gives me chills—and each page was a different type of paper, all my pictures, cut into hearts or stars, and then a poem on each page. Do you ever get mail from actual prisoners who are watching ? But what’s crazy is I thought I would get a lot of hate mail, with the religious stuff, and the racism that my character displays, which bothers me, as Taryn. Do people sometimes mistake you for that character, and approach you? ” It’s scary; I’m just, like, walking, I’ll be grabbed from behind, and it’s this scary, huge man, that’s like, “You!!